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Jennifer Hicks - Artist

Mentorship through Snow Lake Initiative

Check out this free group for Canadian Artists!
Check out this free group for Canadian Artists!

Snow Lake Initiative and Mentoring Jackie Partridge

The Snow Lake Initiative is a free on-line networking tool for Canadian Artists that offers work opportunities, unique creative collaborations and micro grants. Through this amazing Ontario based group, founder,  J'aime Payne, has opened doors for all kinds of visual artists and musicians. I'm grateful to Snow Lake Initiative for employing me as a mentor to Ontario based Fibre Artist and Educator Jackie Partridge.

"Jennifer Hicks masterfully awakens the creative connection between retailers and local artists. She has changed the art scene of this small city helping to turn it into an artistic hub. I've been participating in the MAS Project since day one and it's been a great experience." 

Lydia Knox, 3 Dog Art Studio